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Brand new and beautiful! Now that we have redesigned our website, we present to you the BlueMed Blog! This is intended to keep you up-to-date with our products, technical analysis and industry trends.  These blog posts will be supported with images and videos.

In short, who are we?

BlueMed is a Canadian company founded in 2010. The company has two streams of activities: Manufacturing and Distribution.  The manufacturing group ( specializes in the manufacturing of shoe covers for professionals that are produced with Canadian Quality Standards. The distribution group offers a full line of disposable medical supplies including BlueMed’s shoe covers (

Why disposable shoe covers?

Although reusable shoe covers are available, we firmly believe that the benefits of using disposable shoe covers surpass those of the former. To start, the cost of disposable shoe covers is lower than the cost of washing the reusables. It is cleaner and each person uses his or her own pair, which prevents any risk of contamination. Our disposable logic promotes cleanliness and total hygiene. It is consistent with the posted policies in all health centers. Our shoe covers not only protect places but people as well.

Why choose BlueMed shoe covers?

BlueMed is creative, innovative and manufactures shoe covers in Canada. Yes just next door! Our products are of superior quality and meet the different industries’ needs. We work closely with our clients to make sure that their shoe covers conform to their protocols or GMP implementations.

Our Research and Development team works to constantly improve our product quality and application conformity while representing a good value for the investment. We have adapted our Shoe Covers not only to industries but also to the local climate. They are now salt and snow-resistant, and also lighter and more colorful. Feel free to visit our Online Store ( or call us at (514) 678-0930 for more information.


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