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The Azure Classic disposable shoe covers are an excellent choice when protection is priority. They are made with a Polypropylene layer that is bonded with a non-skid polyethylene film: The inner layer is absorbent and insulating, while the outer layer is anti-skid and waterproof. The Azure Classic are very low linting shoe covers and offer complete protection.  They stand out with their rich ocean blue color.


With the Azure Classic you don’t just get general protection; the combination of its durability and its superior characteristics provides you the ultimate protection against cross-contamination, especially from fluids and powders. The Azure Classic is excellent for industries like pharmaceutical, medical (OR), construction, etc.  It is also an amazing solution to protect your floors from snow boots.


Azure Classic come in two sizes: Universal and Extra Large. The Universal size is made to fit most shoe sizes and the Extra Large size is made for big shoes, snow or work boots.


The Azure Classic shoe covers are available in bags or dispensing boxes to accommodate different user needs.

CharacteristicsWhere to use?
 Anti-Skid Production floors
Absorbent  Pharmaceutical wash cycles
Waterproof  Horticultural development 
Made in Canada  Pre-Cleanroom 


Where to buy?

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