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The  Ruby disposable shoe covers are designed to respond to most protection needs with stronger resistance requirements. They are excellent for tradesmen and industrial applications as well as contractors, technicians or similar professionals with steel-toe boots. They are vibrant red in color and are made with a polypropylene fabric bonded on the inside with a polyethylene film to provide fluid resistance. They are also ideal for protecting dry floors from wet shoes.


The Ruby shoe covers offer excellent and reliable protection thanks to the strength of their fabric. They are popular for industrial or construction use and users with steel toe or snow boots.


They  are available in two sizes: Universal and Extra Large. The Universal size fits most shoe sizes, and the Extra Large size fits big or bulky shoes, snow or work boots.


These Ruby shoe covers are available in dispensing boxes.

CharacteristicsWho should use them?
 Durable Contractors
Absorbent  Tradesmen
Water resistant  Agricultural professionals 
Perfect foot fit  Industrial professionals 
Packaged in dispenser boxes or bags Construction professionals 
Made in Canada  Home-installation technicians 


Where to buy?

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