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The Vista disposable shoe covers are designed to respond to the needs of specific environments. They are made of a two-layered fabric of polypropylene and polyethylene. These shoe covers are distinguishable by their rich blue color. They are ideal for the protection of dry floors, carpets, and delicate surfaces from work boots. They are anti-static, anti-skid and waterproof.


With Vista you obtain general protection against cross-contamination as they isolate your dirty shoes or boots from clean floors. They are used by contractors to protect "clean" zones. The Vista shoe covers are ideal to protect carpets in offices, clinics, and laboratories.

Versatility and fit

Vista shoe covers come in two sizes: Universal and Extra Large. The Universal size is made to fit most shoe sizes and the Extra Large size is made for big shoes, snow or work boots.


The Vista shoe covers are available dispensing boxes.


CharacteristicsWhere to use?
 Anti-Skid Production floors
Waterproof Horticultural development 
Made in Canada  Medical/dental clinics during winter 


Where to buy?

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