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BlueMed Introduces a New Line of Shoe Covers

Montreal, June 26th 2015 - BlueMed, a leading manufacturer of shoe covers in Canada introduced today a new line of shoe covers named Fresh.


The “Fresh” shoe covers are innovative and designed to fill a void in today’s market by offering an excellent balance between cost and protective performance. The “Fresh” shoe covers are made with a multi-layered fabric composed of Polyethylene coating with advanced anti-skid and waterproofing properties. The shoe cover body is constructed with triple-elastic runs to provide a perfect envelopment of the shoe and reduce possibilities of tripping or accidents.

Unlike inexpensive shoe covers in the market, the “Fresh” product does not rip easily and it provides outstanding traction. It is designed for short to medium term usage and made to provide general protection against cross-contamination in many industries such as pharmaceutical, medical (operation theaters) and GMP facilities.
The introduction of the “Fresh” shoe covers reaffirms our lead in the market and our capabilities to manufacture solutions that our clients need at very economical pricing levels. We are excited about this new line of product and we are confident that it will provide exceptional value for our clients,” said Michel Kassar, President of BlueMed.

The “Fresh” shoe covers come in two sizes (Universal and Extra Large) and packaged in either bags or dispenser boxes. They are available for ordering now on the BlueMed Online Store ( or by phone.


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