The Increasing Popularity of Shoe Covers at Home

Most people relate shoe cover usage with medical, tradesmen or lab professionals. But lately, they have also been increasingly popular in homes.

Maintaining clean floors is an integral part of overall home hygiene, particularly when having visitors or service technicians over.  Using shoe covers in fact makes a lot of sense in order to avoid transporting germs through socks or dirty shoes.



The Seasonal TrendAzure during winter

In certain parts of North America, things get messy in the winter season.  Rain and snow add mud, salt and tiny rocks to wet shoes and boots.  People usually change into house slippers as they enter their homes.  Guests and visitors, however, remove their shoes – unwillingly – and walk in barefoot. Is this really a good idea? We sometimes fail to take into account that our socks are humid and dirty and may leave wet germ-filled imprints on our floors.

The use of shoe covers at home is a great application, not only for hygiene and cleanliness, but also for the comfort of guests. There exist different types of shoe covers depending on whether guests remove their shoes or not.  For guests who take their shoes off, a shoe cover such as Wave envelopes the foot like a slipper and keeps it warm while shielding it from the floor. If guests keep their shoes on (even if wet), a shoe cover like Azure can be used to maintain clean and dry floors.

“We offer our guests shoe covers when they come to our house.  It’s an amazing alternative to giving them slippers. Whatever is on their socks goes away with the shoe covers when they throw them away on their way out.” – Seta M.



The Year-Round TrendWave at home

Customs of most Asian countries require guests to take off their shoes upon entering someone’s home.  This is done as a sign of respect to the owner’s home.  That is why providing shoe covers at home entrances is quite popular in China.

As another example, the safety code in the law prohibits contractors and tradesmen from removing their steel-toe boots while performing work in residential properties.  Therefore, in order to respect the law and keep the residence clean, they put on shoe covers as soon as they get in.

“I don’t feel comfortable always asking people to take off their shoes when they come to my house, but I also don’t like them walking on my clean floors with their dirty shoes.  By providing them with shoe covers, my guests keep their shoes on and my house stays clean.”  – Tania K.

Shoe covers prevent the spreading of germs and contaminants and they make a great alternative to removing shoes.   In short, they are quite useful every time someone moves between a “not so clean” and a clean place.


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